Rivalries: Dodgers VS Giants

Dodgers VS Giants: is it worth believing in the Dodgers?

Consider the latest match of the LA Dodgers vs. the Giants. From the concrete example it will be seen exactly how the two teams competing on the battlefield behave. Los Angeles has seriously improved its position. Now the team is already in seventh place in the league. Giants continues to lose on the road. Will guests be able to hook the second match of the series?

Los Angeles

“Los Angeles” recently added very strongly. The team won a dry series against the Rangers. Only one game was gained by Payrets and Braves. Home hosts also look very cool. They have 11 victories in 15 past games. On the eve of the “Sly” were able to replay the “Giants”, but at this meeting will be Alex Wood. He lost both matches at home, looks terrible at night and missed as many as 15 wounds in the past 11 innings.


Giants can’t fix the game on the road. Nevertheless, quite recently, the Giants were able to win against Washington twice, although the guests looked very faded in the series against the Marlins. The last defeats of the Giants were not crushing. Usually Californians were inferior in one or two wounds. Madison Bumgarner will be on the slide in the second game. They spent two matches in June. In general, this reliever looks pretty good.

Statistics and personal meetings

Already three matches in a row Giants does not lose on the road with a difference of more than one wound. The Giants won the Dodgers three of the last five matches. The Giants won only 51.4% of matches at home. In general, the Dodge attack is now no, and this despite the fact that for a long time they were leading with Kaps in the League, and now even Atlanta scores more. The team scored 29 points and 45 missed in the last 10 games, only 3 win and 7 losses (4 last in a row).

Which players will give an advantage to the LA Dodgers team in the new season?

Here, too, it would be possible to do only interjections, but unlike Rokis, they refer to the payroll of starting pitchers. However, this composition is not even good, it is really cool. Clayton Kershaw will continue to stamp hits on All-Star, and quite possibly the third time in a row will become ERA-champion Major League Baseball. Josh Becket alternates between bad and good seasons. Despite his ERA below 3 in 7 matches for the Dodgers last season, it does not give any guarantees, ask Red Sox fans. Hyun-jin Ryu will spend his first season in the league, and I see no reason to tell you about his numbers in Korea, a typical Asian dark horse, only a young one.


Kelly Jansen, or Brandon League, will be the main “Dodger” closer That is, we wanted to say that Brandon League will be the main closet if it shows an ERA around 1.00, otherwise for what he was given such a contract from Magic and co. But if you take away the sarcastic moods, then you can safely say that the bullpen of LA, even if it does not reach the level of “Jaents”, is quite equal in strength to the “Reds”.


In his first season, Dodgers chief catcher AJA Ellis showed everyone that he is quite an average starter, and certainly he is not going to surprise anyone with his statistics. Luis Cruz will guard the third base. In the middle of last season, he lacked just a little to 30%. If you are healthy (get used to it, this phrase is key in baseball), then it can easily give out 80 RBIs, only he has a little tough with the gamers. It is difficult to say who is worse in defense, Dee Gordon or Hanley Ramirez (both of them are terrible), but Ramirez looks like a clear favorite in the attack. His BA under 25 dropped noticeably, but he is still a 20/20 player, able to get 100 RBIs per season. On the second base, LA gets a bust anyway, if you don’t look, Mark Ellis and Skip Schumaker roll on all counts. Gonzo had crumpled last season, and in this he must reach his level of 30+ XP and 100+ RBI with a BA of at least 30%.


Left fielder Carl Crawford will be the main mystery of the Dodgers outfield. He missed a significant part of the past season, and it is not yet known whether he can get close to 28-29% at a beat, but he never had the strength. On the right is André Etiir. According to rumors, they wanted to shove him, but in the end he remained in the lineup. Stable, should remain at its level in 20 XP and 80 RBI. Naturally, the dilemma is who from the California bunch will be the only one, just in my opinion, the team in the playoffs from the West. And yet, experts give the palm to the Dodge championship. It’s like with the Miami Heat, too many stars on paper. There are no fewer questions, but the same number of Giants, and this means only one thing – you need to give an advantage to the team with a lot of talent. Experts are calling on the American teams to die a bit.

If we talk about the composition of 4, then we can say a lot more interesting. If the experts were asked to name the most idiotic contract of this offseason, it would definitely be the Dodgers Brandon League’s contractor, who was rich in Buratina, led by Magic Johnson, with 22.5 million for 3 years, with an option for 4 years. This is a bit too strong for a strong klouser, what can we say about a mediocre pitcher, who is League? Kenley Jansen, who is predicted by the setupman, is likely to become a cooler as the season progresses. Also in the bullpen the Dodgers are full of mediocre hands like J.P. Howell, Ronald Belisario, Scott Elbert, Matt Herrier and Mark Lowe, who can moderately shoot and completely fail.

Against the backdrop of the superstar outfield infield, the Dodgers looks pretty prosaic – superstar first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and shortstop Hanley Ramirez, good catcher AJ Ellis and trash on the second (Mark Ellis) and third (Louis Cruz) bases. Oh yeah, another well-deserved spare Nick Punto and Skip Schumaker. In principle, the balance is quite normal, especially since superstars had a terrible season last (because they ended up in the Dodgers), and we need to hope for a return to career indicators. But it’s still unusual to think “Louis Cruz and Mark Ellis are the main players of the Dodgers.” The stereotype, of course, but for six months of crazy spending Dodgers has developed already.

Crawford for two years in Boston did not show anything at all, he also underwent Tommy John’s operation, and Itie had been a complete impotent against left-handers for a couple of years. Of course, the fourth outfielder at the Dodgers will run Jerry Hairston, who is pretty good against left-handers (not like his brother Scott, but still). The only question is whether Gibson will use pure platinum with the replacement of Itie (or Crawford, he is also not so hot against left-handers) against all left-handers on Hairston?

Dodgers’ success predictions for future matches against the Giants

“Dodgers” in the last season did not have enough a bit before the playoffs. In the course of the season, the Dodgers became participants in several high-profile trades, during which Californians won the talents of Carl Crawford, Hanley Ramirez, Adrian Gonzalez and Josh Beckett. Even in spite of this reinforcement, they failed to make a breakthrough that would allow the Dodgers to overtake San Francisco in the battle for the division. In the spring of 2013 the club from Los Angeles entered about the same composition, reinforcing the pinching staff and strengthening the attacking potential. Of course, we must not forget that the first full season in the “Dodgers” will hold the acquired stars.

On paper, Californians are very cool. The mere mention of the numerous names of team players may cause fear in the eyes of rivals, but looking at the line of batters, the Dodgers opponents will hardly be easier: Adrian Gonzalez, Karl Crawford, Hanley Ramirez, Andre Etier, Matt Kemp … realize their potential at least 80 percent, then the Dodgers can easily get to the mark of 100 victories. Kemp has recovered from the injury and his hands are literally in cuffs. The real weakness of the Dodgers is the bullpen, which was only 10th in the MLB last season on saves (40). The reins of Kenley Jansen, Brandon League, Ronald Belisario, Scott Elbert, and Xavi Guerra will rule the ball. The Dodgers have no certainty with the closet. In the Dodgers’ bullpen, there is only one left-handed pitcher, which can be a problem in various match situations. If Californians really want to be an elite team, then they just need to find the gain in the bullpen, especially with regard to the position of the closer.