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One aspect of La Dodgers news – FA2019: Results and the symbolic team of the next off-season

  1. General figures
    Market rushed sharply up. If in 2018 contracts were awarded for a total of 1,450M, in 2019 the total contract size approaches 1,900, and this is despite the fact that Craig Kimbrell and Dallas Keikel are still on the market;
    This is the biggest off-season in the history of the game. Yes, the mark of 2 billion has not yet obeyed, and, most likely, will not submit. Another thing is that 740M of these 1.9 billion accounts for only three transactions. The gap between big deals and everything else has never been so significant. Most of the players signed up for two-year contracts. Only five contracts were signed for more than three years.
  2. The largest contracts of winter:
    Bryce Harper, 13 \ 330M, Philadelphia (# 1 in history);
    Manny Machado, 10/300, San Diego (# 3 in history);
    Patrick Corbin, 6 \ 140, Washington (# 41 in history).
    This is a historic off-season, as there two of the three largest contracts in the history of the game were awarded to free agents;
    Harper and Boras went all out to get the biggest contract in the history of the game. The blog is not surprised if the mark of 350M will be taken already in the next off-season;
    For the first time in the history of the game, two contracts of 300M were awarded. Prior to this off-season, the 300M bar was generally taken only once. It is another matter that they were waiting for even more, that a 400M bar will be taken;
    The largest contract after Corbin – Nathan Evaldi, 4 \ 67.5M. There has never been such a gap between the top 3 and other players.
  3. The largest team expenses:
    Philadelphia – 403M;
    Padres – 327M;
    Washington – 189M;
    Unbelievable, but true: San Diego is in the top 3 for the second year in a row;
    Yanks quietly and quietly scored new obligations on the 140M;
    403M from Philadelphia is cool, but it was not possible to reach the level of Yanks, who after the season-08 gained commitments on 441M.
  4. Symbolic team of the following off-season:
    S: Sisco Servelli, in general, everything is sad;
    1B: Paul Goldschmidt, Jose Abreu, Matt Carpenter (TO), Anthony Rizzo (TO)
    Goldie is the strongest 1B who can become a FA after Albert Pujols. But it will be very difficult to get a contract from 200M Goldie – in September he is already 32 years old, a critical age for any better. Abreu will be at all 33 years old. It’s the main hope of Jose that Chicago will offer to continue cooperation. The chances that Carpenter and Rizzo will become an FA tend to zero.

2B: Jennie Scutter, Ben Zobrist, Jason Kipnis (TO), Starlin Castro (TO)

Actually, the real option on the market will be only one – Jennet, since Zobrist will be 38 years old in May. The blog will not be surprised if Jennet returns to the player’s cage for a year and will look for a contract for a year or two.

SS: Xander Bogarts, Didi Gregorius, Elvis Andrews (PO).

Bogarts – the main candidate for the fattest contract for better-FA in the next offseason. Of course, not 300M, but something from 30M AAV Xander together with his agent Scot Boras will be looking for. Gregorius is very untimely on Tommy John. It is possible that this elbow injury deprived him of the chances of a contract from 100M. From the Andrews contract at the end of the season will remain 3 \ 45M. Given the current realities and the level of the game of Andrews himself, it is better for him to stay on the contract and not to look good from the good.

3B: Anthony Rendon, Josh Donaldson

Rendon is the quietest MVP-caliber player in MLB. The blog will be surprised if Tony leaves Nats. But the thing is that Rendon’s agent is Scott Boras. In general, the second main candidate for a thick contract IS from 100M and 30M AAV. If Donaldson will issue a big season in 2019, then he can count on a new bold contract in a serious team.

OF: Marcel Ozuna, Yasiel Puig, Corey Dickerson, Rusny Castillo (PO), Jason Hayward (PO).

  • A blog won’t be surprised at all if only Puig gets a decent contract (at the McCutchen-Brantley level) from the first three. Ozuna while looks like a typical player of one season. Dickerson is a quality player base, but no more. Puig is a great player for Miami who need to win new fans. Just remember this thought;
  • Castillo is the most expensive player in a minor system in baseball. Not the fact that he needs to give up guaranteed money;
  • From the contract of Hayward at the end of the season will remain 4 \ 86M. A few years ago, Jason seemed like a potential alpha, but, alas, for the Cubs, ended up like a top player right after signing a mega-contract. Jason gave his best season in 2015, with Cards. The blog does not see the real scenario in which Hayward voluntarily leaves the team, without taking all the money under the contract.

DH: Chris Davis, JD Martinez (PO), Edwin Encarnacion (TO)

  • The blog will be very surprised if Martinez really decides to leave Boston, in which he became a real replacement for David Ortiz;
  • Davis for three seasons with A’s knocked out 133HR, but not the fact that it will help him find a fat contract. Home wounds have never been valued so low.

SP: Gerrit Cole, Chris Sale, Madison Boomgarner, Justin Verlander, Cole Hamels, Rick Porsello, Rich Hill, Stephen Strasbourg (PO), Jake Arrieta (PO), Yu Darvish (PO)

  • The price of Chris Sale will greatly depend on the quality of the season-19. We remind you that Sail has always been skeptical because of the mechanics of submission. It seems that skepticism is beginning to justify itself and there is a certain probability that we have already looked at the most interesting things in Chris’s career. If Sale does not play again for the season 160 IP, it is unlikely to get a fat contract. If Chris calmly plays his usual 200 IP, then the pitcher could be the main prize of the next FA market;
  • MadBoom in 2017-18 played only 240.2 IP. What’s the worst: Madison dramatically reduced the quality of the game. There is a possibility that he will follow in the footsteps of Lineskam and Kane, who have ceased to be quality pitchers at the age of 27. Madison is already 29 years old, the last full year he gave out was just 27 years old. You all understand;
  • Gerrit Cole should, following the results of next year, take a contract from 100M. To swing a deal from 200M will be difficult. It’s another matter that Cole’s agent Scott Boras has an agent, so you understand. Boras will lose his mind and, at any price, beg for the fattest contract in the history of the pitcher game;
  • Wehrlnader, if he keeps the level of the season-18, will be guided by the contract of Zack Greinke. Not in terms of total commitment, but in terms of AAV. Verlander is the main candidate to become the first player with an AAV above 35M;

RP: Dellin Betanses, Haroldis Chapman (PO), Kenley Jensen (PO), Brendon Morrow (MOT)

  • Betanses can learn a lot from the experience of Craig Kimbrel. If Yanks offers QO, then it is better to agree. If the extension, then all the more. But not the fact that the relationship with Betances was not really spoiled a couple of years ago, when he really wanted a more significant salary increase;
  • Neither Chapman (2 \ 34M) nor Jensen (2 \ 38M) makes sense to leave guaranteed contracts. One has a knee down and a slower inning, another has a heart;
  • Cubs do not make sense to keep on the Morrow contract – another bet on the FA, which worked only in the negative.

Which of the free agents will strengthen the main contenders for the championship: «Los Angeles Dodgers?”

Weak spot: Outfield, bullpen

“Dodgers” are in a situation similar to “Astros”, when the team has a few only relatively problematic positions. But at the same time, Los Angeles has financial opportunities that are incomparable with Houston, and therefore can afford to negotiate a contract with Bryce Harper.

Harper is the only outfielder on the market who can boost the Dodgers, who currently boast a rotation in the left filed of two very different, but such inferior outfielders. The owner of remarkable power, Jock Pederson, has great problems with strikeouts and money, and Prospect Alex Verdugo boasts his contact skills, but not a force of 25-30 home runs. Harper combines the strengths of both current Los Angeles outfielders without their shortcomings, but you will need to pay $ 300-350 million to sign it. However, if we are talking specifically about the champion’s bid, the signing of Harper can turn the California club’s outfield from just decent to one of the best.