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Baseball is not just a game, but a way of life. Baseball is not a very popular sport in Europe, especially in its eastern part. However, do not fall in love with this game is impossible. This is beauty in its purest form. It is now time to baseball. Regularly over, the playoffs finally distributed the roles in the main performance of the season in which the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros met. And let the show begin.

In the final, just the best agreed. When the team for which you are sick does not go into the playoffs, you begin to look for temporary love, to put it simply mistress, who for a short time will bring you sensations and divine emotions. For me, this was Houston, after the excellent removal of Boston and the brilliant game of Jose Altuve, who in 1 match knocked out 3 home runs from 3 attempts. However, it was impossible to ignore the Dodgers with their legendary pitcher Clayton Kershaw, as well as Kike Hernandez, who was the first in the history of the Dodgers franchise who knocked out 3 home runs in a meeting with the Chicago Cubs. LA Dodgers whirled through the playoffs, losing just one game with Cubs and winning all home games. Therefore, they were considered favorites of the debut meeting, which took place at almost 40 degree heat. The starting duel was replaced by a pitcher battle. And this fight exceeded all expectations. Emotional outside and cold-blooded inside Kershaw gave a brilliant spanking to the best attack of Major League Baseball. Texan Betters simply fought on the wall of the name of Clayton from despair. Pitcher “Dodgers” once again reminded of its legendary. A confident game, a variety of combinations, a lot of strikeouts, practically no lessons gave the chanted attack a chance. Just think about these numbers – 11 strikeouts for 7 innings. For comparison, his opponent Kaikel has only 3 of them.

This is the person who makes this game fall in love with you. He is no longer one of those modern pitchers. He is like a legend from the past. Kershaw is classical music that is still relevant. He is a one man, he independently changes the course of the game in his head, each time he comes up with a new combination and surprises the opponent. He will not leave the slide on his own, he was born on it and only by force can he be dragged from there. This is a knight of the modern era, it is impossible not to admire them. He is a ghost who can dissolve at any time, so you just need to catch the buzz from his stay. Now we will meet some of Dodger Roster players. Among the famous players of this team can be noted Scott Alexander and many other professional baseball players.

Clayton Kershaw

In the 2011–2014 Major League Baseball seasons, Clayton Kershaw had the lowest total of all existing pitchers; in 2014, he was a record 1.77 for him. For comparison, Tim Kif was the lowest in baseball history, who was 0.86 in the 1880 season.

Los Angeles Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw signed a new contract for 3 years

To some extent baseball is a real bondage and if you get into this professional sport then kindly give yourself to him completely. Teams hold 162 games per season, and if you are a participant in the playoffs and are able to win the World Series, at least 11-18 games are added. In 2018, the new minimum wage was set in MLB. He is $ 545,000 per year. As a rule, before signing this contract, newbies get a decent bonus after they sign an autograph in the contract. Back in 2001, when signing the contract with the first basic Joe Mauer of Minnesota, Twins paid him a bonus of $ 5,150,000, and 2 times the regular season MVP Mike Trout in 2009 received only $ 1,215,000 in bonus.

Finally, the situation with the future of one of the strongest pitchers of modernity Clayton Kershaw has finally become clear. And if someone was waiting for a loud “boom”, then looking ahead, I will say that there was no close boom. The leader of the rotation of the Los Angeles Dodgers remains in his own team for himself. Kershaw and the Dodgers entered into a 3 year contract. The agreement guarantees the pitcher $ 93 million, does not contain the possibility of early termination of the employment contract, but includes a number of serious bonuses.

Under the terms of the contract, Kershaw is set to a strictly 31 million salary for each of the three planned years. In addition, Clayton will additionally receive a million from the top for the 24th, 26th, 28th and 30th starts, and therefore he can increase earnings to 35 million for the seasons 2019, 2020 and 2021. But that’s not all. If Kershaw wins Sai Yang, he will earn another $ 1.5 million, and if he completes the regular championship in the top three of his league – 500 thousand. The deal between the parties concerned happened immediately before the deadline, when Kershaw had to give a final answer, whether he would take advantage of the “opt-out” right, giving up the remaining 2 seasons and $ 65 million in the contract, or finalize the contract to the end. The new agreement adds only one season to the previous one and 28 million, which is at least rather unusual for those applying the Kershaw level, especially considering all his previous achievements.

From the point of view of the club, the new contract in the form in which it was presented, of course, makes a lot of sense. Despite the fact that the 30-year-old Kershaw is still in the cohort of the most productive starters in the league, it is difficult not to notice a certain decline in his game, besides Clayton’s last three seasons have been hurt by injuries. The Dodgers simply insured against the fact that with their “ace” in the coming years everything will become much worse (about the same as with Felix Hernandez in Seattle). We will add that in the last championship Clayton Kershaw won 26 starts (161.1 innings), scored 9 wins with 5 losses, missing 2.73 wounds per game and earning an average of 8.6 strike-out and 1.6 wakes.

Granderson Moved to Los Angeles Dodgers

Not so long ago, the Los Angeles Dodgers made another boost. Following the acquisition of the pitchers Yu Darwish, Tony Watson and Tony Sinhrani, the Dodgers bought from the New York Mets for future compensation of outfielder Curtis Granderson. It is known that the Dodgers will pay some of the approximately 4 million on the contract athlete. Based on how the Dodgers played in those seasons, they had more chances to break the record for the number of victories for the season (116) than lose the lead in the NL West division. Nevertheless, it is never too late to think about the future in the march for the World Series, which means that any help to the main team will not hurt.

Of course, the 36-year-old Granderson was one of the most interesting baseball players of the August market players available for exchange. Despite his age and failures in the initial stage of the regular season, Curtis did an excellent job with the pitchers of his rivals in the last 250 bat visits, in which his attacking stats were .273 / .395 / .596. All in all, in the Mets colors this year, Granderson scored 19 home runs and 52 RBI, 22 doubles and 4 stolen bases. In addition, the veteran is still capable of being a centerfielder in a decent defensive game, which gives the Dodgers a choice between the team rookie and the poorly performing Jock Pederson.

The last distinctive game of the Dodgers: “Nimble guys” defeated the “brewers”

In the first inning, Travis Shaw knocked out the single, and Keon Braxton and Christian Yelich brought the hosts ahead. In the second inning, Matt Kemp reduced the gap in the second inning. After that, Chris Taylor knocked out the single, and Enrique Hernandez and Logan Forsyth brought the guests forward. Then Manny Machado knocked out a double (22) and Chris Taylor increased the gap between the guests. Next, Justin Turner knocked out the double (8) and Manny Machado brought another point to the guests. 3 innings Matt Kemp knocked out a home run (17) and increased the score difference. In 5 inning after a host defense error Cody Bellinger brought guests another ochko.Zatem Austin Barnes knocked out single, and Matt Kemp and Enrique Hernandez make a break all guests bolshe.Startovy pitcher Alex Wood (6-5) earned 66 strikes, two fly-outs and 10 grand-outs.

Sandy Koufax, World Series and Judgment Day

In 1965, the main World Series coordinate between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Minnesota Twins occurred on Judgment Day. Californian pitcher Sandy Koufax needed to begin. In any case, he, a Jew, educated the initiative of the Dodgers that he would not play on Judgment Day. The arrangement finished with a Dodgers triumph in seven diversions (4– 3), and Koufax, who played in the second and seventh amusements, was perceived as the best player. Sports Illustrated magazine named Koufax the best 1965 competitor. In 1972, a couple of months before his 37th birthday celebration, Koufax turned into the most youthful baseball player ever, deified in the Pantheon of Glory.

Sandy was conceived in Borough Park, Brooklyn. He was raised by his stepfather Irving Koufax, whose surname he took. For quite a while the family lived on Long Island, at that point came back to Brooklyn – to Bensonhurst, and Sandy started to learn at Lafayette secondary school. He played b-ball consummately, yet around then schoolchildren titles were not held in New York, since school groups were not permitted to go around the city without being joined by instructors and educators would not go with groups outside school hours, since they were not paid for these hours. What’s more, youthful Koufax started to play in the group of the Jewish focal point of Bensonhurst. At the point when the issue of paying instructors was illuminated, he turned into the commander of the school b-ball crew. Sandy additionally played baseball — both on the school group and on the Brooklyn junior class. He originally played katcher, at that point at a respectable starting point. He didn’t consider playing a pitcher. However at this point the dad of two individual experts Sandy, baseball mentor Milt Lowry, recommended that he play a pitcher. Koufax was 17 years of age when Lowry, a mentor in one of the groups in the Coney Island junior association, included him as a pitcher.

In 1953, Koufax moved on from school and went to learn at the University of Cincinnati, who offered him a games grant, not as a baseball player, yet as a ball player. In the principal year, he here and there played baseball, and clearly not awful, on the grounds that in the spring of 1954, first year recruit Koufax was incorporated into the primary college group. He promptly pulled in the consideration of writers, and after that scouts of expert groups. Bill Zinser, the Brooklyn Dodgers scout, sent the fundamental scout of the Brooklyn group, Alu Campanis, a nitty gritty give an account of Koufax and demanded that he come to see the 19-year-old pitcher. Numerous years after the fact, Campanis reviewed: “Just twice in my life did the hair staring me in the face remain on end: when I saw the Sistine Chapel out of the blue and when I saw Sandy Koufax tossing a fastball out of the blue”.

Koufax acknowledged the 20,000th contract offered by Dodgers for one season – 6,000 (presently – 49,000) compensation dollars in addition to a 14,000th (presently – 114,000) reward. Proprietor of the Dodgers, Walter O’Malley, thought he was not in danger, since the local of Brooklyn Koufax would probably draw in Brooklyn Jews to the arena. O’Molley likewise trusted that Koufax would move toward becoming as incredible a player as Hank Greenberg – a standout amongst the best hitters during the 30s-40s. Did Koufax trust it? He delayed the reward got when marking the agreement to pay for his future investigations at the college.

In the principal seasons, the youthful pitcher didn’t indicate anything. He was a customary pitcher of the Brooklyn group. In the fall of 1955, after the finish of the primary season in the title, Koufax entered Columbia University and started examining design. The period of 1956 did not contrast from the main, the period of 1957 did not vary from the second, and the third period of Koufax was the last Dodgers season in Brooklyn. The group moved to Los Angeles, and in the Los Angeles years Koufax wound up well known. However, this did not occur right away. For the title in 1961 Koufax arranged recently. To be perfectly honest, he didn’t get ready for the past ones by any stretch of the imagination. At the point when the title finished, Sandy disregarded baseball and recollected that him just with the beginning of the pre-season gathering. “The winter of ’61 was the primary when I prepared,” he reviewed. Singular preparing made felt, and in the 1961 season, he was first incorporated into the National League group for the conventional All-Star diversion.

Titles from 1962 to 1966 – the season of Sandy Koufax’s triumph. On June 30, 1962, in a match with New York Mets, without precedent for his vocation, he didn’t enable any hitter of his opponents to hit the ball … In 1963, he was perceived as the best player in the World Series in which the Dodgers won the New York Yankees. After the Yankis katcher arrangement, Yogi Berra stated: “I see how he won 25 coordinates in the ordinary season, yet I don’t see how he could lose five.” In 63, Koufax was perceived as the best pitcher in the National League, and he remained the best in the class in 1965 and in 1966.

In the 1965 title, nobody questioned that Koufax was a standout amongst the best pitchers ever. This year, he celebrated himself – and among Jews, yet among all devotees – by declining to play on Judgment Day. His choice was the fundamental news in every single American medium. In 1966 the Dodgers again played in the World Series and were crushed by Baltimore Orioles. Not long after the thrashing, left-hander pitcher Sandy Koufax declared his abdication. He was compelled to this joint pain in the elbow of his left hand. He played, experiencing torment, and in the 64th, and in the 65th, and in the 66th, yet couldn’t proceed.
In April 2007, the Modin Miracle group in the recently made Israeli baseball alliance chose 71-year-old Sandy Koufax in the draft. “This is an indication of regard for him of all who are related with the class,” said the head mentor of Miracle Art Shamsky. Koufax expressed gratitude toward him for the respect. It’s time to remind you of Brooklyn Sandford “Sandy” Koufax – one of the heroes of the wonderful American game.

Who has the worst contracts in MLB?

Matt Kemp, 21 million, 154 games, 0.4 WAR \ 109 wRC + and minus 15 DRS

  • It’s already somehow funny to remember that Kemp after the 2011 season was perceived as the main future not only of the Dodgers, but also of baseball in general. He, and not Trout or Posey at all, was the main young superstar of the game, the new Bonds and Alex Rodriguez in one person. It seemed that the next few years Kemp’s career would be devoted only to finding out how many great records he would be able to beat.
  • The reality was much sadder. In 2012, Matt played only 106 games, in 2013 – 73. The reason is a series of injuries: permanent problems with the back of the thigh, almost endless problems with the left shoulder, exacerbated by Kemp’s flying at full speed into the wall ball. Matt had two operations on his shoulder and one on his leg. From the future of baseball, Kemp has become a regular visitor to the hospital.
  • The trouble is not only that Kemp is constantly sick. There is a feeling that the 2011 season was wonderful, wonderful, but still an aberration.
  • Andrew Friedman, becoming the general manager of the Dodgers, rightly determined that Kemp should be changed. Partner turned Preller and his Padres. The Dodgers localized the losses from Kemp, agreeing to pay him 32 million of the remaining 107 under the contract.
  • After the first season for the Padres, there is no particular doubt that Kemp may well benefit. It may well be, but for this it must be completely free from playing in the field. The trouble is that the Padres and Kemp play in the League where there is no DH, so the remaining 4 \ 73 is a full-blown disaster for the Padres, who received another walking multi-million hemorrhoids and not a star that had a couple of bad years seemed to Preller.
  • Yes, and not the fact that the transfer to DH really helps Kemp. Operations on the shoulder – this is primarily a blow to the betting. Recall how pale the same Mark Teixeira looked, who had been looking for himself for a very long time after a wrist injury. Something similar happens with Kemp. This is just another player we are looking at through the prism of his brilliant 2011 season. The Dodgers were required to keep the player after such a year. But the fact that the Padres made in the past offseason – this is all the less logical explanations after each Kemp game for San Diego.

Main stories: contracts

In the Padres came: Matt Kemp (OF), Wil Myers (OF), Justin Upton (OF), Derek Norris (C), Josh Johnson (SP), Brendon Morrow (RP), Will Middlebrux (3B), Tim Federovich (With ). From the Padres left: Rene Rivera (C), Ryan Hanigan (C), Yasmani Grandal (C), Jace Peterson (INF), Jesse Hann (SP), Joe Wieland (SP), Max Fried (3 system number according to Keith Low ) etc.

“No one expected such activity from the Padres.” No expert, no insider said that San Diego would be so active during the Winter Meetings which, by the way, this year took place in San Diego.

  • We have only two analogies for this shopping. Such carpet purchases are more characteristic of Football Manager. The main problem is that they do not work even there. The last time such large-scale shopping was carried out by Miami before the 2012 season: Reyes, Buehrle, Zambrano, Heath Bell and others. A year later, the team began restructuring.
  • You can still remember the Dodgers, who famously scored contracts, and this year scored a team of managers, called to arrange a large-scale enema.
  • The main difference of the San Diego revolution is only Matt Kemp has come to a fat contract. The rest here either for a year (Upton), or will be under control for a long time (Myers, Middlebrux). The team has always been of little interest to top agents – the lack of ambition, the proximity of Mexico and so on.
  • The main reason San Diego can afford such games is television money. In 2012, the team signed a 20-year contract, under which it receives $ 70 million annually. Before the start of last season, it was the tenth largest contract in baseball. As a result, Fathers can afford a sharp increase in payments – from 55 million in 2012 to 90.6 million in 2014. According to the most conservative estimates, in 2015, the payment of the team for the first time in the history will exceed 100 million.