LA Dodgers

The second most popular American championship among professional clubs is Major League Baseball (MLB), that is, baseball. The regular championship starts in April and lasts until the end of September, and in October and November the games of the playoff series are held. City of Angels is represented in the baseball league by two teams:

  • Los Angeles Dodgers (LA Dodgers), which plays at the Dodger Stadium near downtown;
  • LA Angels – this baseball team holds their home games in Anaheim at the Angel Stadium located in Orange County (Orange County), where Disneyland is located in the United States.

How the MLB team got its name

Starting life in the Brooklyn Atlantic (in Brooklyn, New York) in the 1880s, the nickname was changed to Groom (abbreviated to Grooms) in 1888, when six players married the same year. When trolleys were installed in Brooklyn in the 1890s, pedestrians were forced to “dodge” them, and in the newspapers they were called “trolley buses.” One thing led to another, and the team became known as the Dodgers.

From that point forward, the club was quickly called Superbasis at different occasions (after the bazaar demonstration), Babies (when the group president said “Baseball is in its early stages”) and Robins (after director Wilbert Robinson), despite the fact that the Dodgers were likewise utilized. At the point when the association moved to Los Angeles in 1958, they took the name of the Dodgers with it. A defining moment in the historical backdrop of the LA Dodgers group: $ 2 billion will return baseball satisfaction to Los Angeles

The Dodgers baseball crew was sold for a record $ 2 billion. The arena cost the new proprietors $ 150 million. MLB group (baseball) Los Angeles Dodgers sold to Guggenheim Baseball Management LLC for $ 2 billion. This gathering incorporates incredible ball player Magic Johnson. Moreover, Guggenheim consented to purchase the arena of the club and the encompassing territory for $ 150 million. This is the greatest arrangement ever of games. The Los Angeles Dodgers baseball crew, serving in MLB, was sold to Guggenheim Baseball Management LLC for $ 2 billion. This is a record bargain ever of American games. The past imprint was $ 1.1 billion: Stephen Ross paid a similar sum for the NFL (American football) club Miami Dolphins in 2009. The holder of the principle Dodgers bundle is Mark Walter.

The legendary basketball player Los Angeles Lakers 52-year-old Magic Johnson also became one of the owners of the team. “I’m delighted to be part of the great Dodgers team,” Johnson admitted in a statement. “I’m sure we can bring the club to the forefront of our wonderful city of Los Angeles.” Last season, the Dodgers failed to make the playoffs, scoring 82 wins and 79 defeats in the regular season. At the same time, only three times the team’s home arena collected sell-outs. Attendance has plummeted, and for the first time since 1992, less than 3 million people have visited Los Angeles home games over the season.

Now, fans of the team with undisguised optimism are waiting for the start of the new season. Tommy Lasorda, the former Dodgers head coach who was introduced to the Hall of Fame, is confident that the new owners will return the club to its former glory. The club, founded in 1883, won the World Series six times, but the last success was 24 years ago. Special hopes are associated with the arrival of Magic Johnson. “I’m sure that if people put such huge money into the team, they want to make it a champion,” Lasorda admitted. – I wish the Dodgers good luck and admire the new leadership. With Magic, I’m familiar with his first day at the Lakers. Johnson made his introduction at the Lakers in 1979 and spent his whole profession at this club. For 13 seasons, he conveyed Los Angeles to the title multiple times and perceived the MVP title multiple times. In 1991, Magic completed the process of performing in the NBA after he was determined to have HIV. After the finish of his playing profession, he ended up one of the primary contenders against AIDS. In 2002, specialists found out that Johnson had totally disposed of the infection.

Notwithstanding being effectively engaged with philanthropy, Magic is additionally associated with enterprise. He established the organization Magic Johnson Enterprises, which is currently esteemed at $ 700 million. It incorporates the publicizing organization Magic Johnson Productions, a film chain and a film studio. Johnson attempted himself as a games functionary. In 1994, Magic turned into the minority proprietor of the Lakers, for which he needed to pay $ 10 million. He additionally got the situation of VP of the group. In October 2010, Johnson sold his stake in the Lakers. Presently Magic went to the Dodgers. In addition to the team itself, Guggenheim agreed to purchase the stadium of the club and the adjacent territory for $ 150 million. The previous owner of Dodgers bought the team, the stadium and 250 acres of adjacent land for $ 430 million.

Baseball club Dodgers distributed its players to the cryptocurrency fans

The Los Angeles Dodgers, an American expert baseball crew, conveyed its competitor’s tokens toward the finish of September 2018. They could be traded for Etherium, and the tokens in arbitrary request went to the initial 40 thousand fans that went to the arena. This occurred amid the amusement against San Diego Padres, planned for September 21. Amid the supposed “advanced night”, visitors had the capacity to download tokens of such competitors as Clayton Kershaw, Justin Turner and Kenley Jansen. The announcement of the club said that the tokens will be disseminated utilizing unique cards, which can alternatively be opened after the match. Every one of them will be furnished with a unique code, in the wake of entering which you can exchange assets to your Ethereum wallet. For this situation, fans will get around a similar number of tokens under the name of Kershaw, Turner and Jansen. Executive Vice President of the club Lon Rosen noted that “the first ever distribution of cryptocurrency in sports will allow them to explore a completely new market, and also interact in a new way with fans, to involve fans in digital interaction for future promotions.”

Major League Baseball (MLB) previously announced the launch of its collectible game, which will be developed using the Blockchain technology. In MLB Crypto Baseball, you can buy and sell collectible avatars of players who are dedicated to specific points in recent league matches. “We have long talked about Bitcoin and about the possibilities of accepting it in the form of payment for club television and other products, but later abandoned this idea. It seemed to us that this is not our business, because we are not engaged in speculation. However, this game about something else is a more interesting combination of Blockchain technology and what we are doing,” he said.

Some believe that the Dodgers’ decision to release their own tokens is a look into the future, which will be able to popularize new technologies, especially since the average age of the viewers of the Major League is 57 years. The idea of ​​this promotion is to allow fans to buy and sell virtual avatars of memorable moments in the history of baseball. The official launch of MLB Crypto Baseball’s digital collectibles will be August 13th. When, for the first time, statuettes of baseball players began to be sold, they could be bought almost every day for $ 20 apiece. But a lot of time has passed since these times, and some figurines, in particular Mookie Betts from Boston and Justin Turner, were sold at prices equal to $ 25,000.

MLB: Dodgers are the second team in history that started the season with three dry victories in a row

The Los Angeles Dodgers have successfully started the regular MLB championship, winning three games in a row against the San Diego Padres. The Dodgers have become the second team in history, which began the season with three dry victories in a row. The club from Los Angeles for three games did not allow the “Padres” to score a single point, winning 15: 0, 3: 0 and 7: 0. The previous such achievement was established by “St. Louis” in 1963. In the offseason, the manager was the Dodgers Dave Roberts, who replaced Don Mattinley.

World Series: the amazing Dodgers game

Cup Round Championship Major baseball leagues called the new owners of the highest title. The former owners of the Chicago Cubs trophy have resigned. In the finals of the National League, the Los Angeles Dodgers outplayed them in five games – 4-1 and became the first participants in the World Series. The fifth game in Chicago ended with a crushing score in favor of the guests – 11: 1. In the World Series, the Dodgers contenders became the Houston Astros, who in the American League play-off pulled the victory from the New York Yankees (4-3). The seventh game in Houston ended with the score 4: 0 in favor of the hosts.

The Dodgers became champions of the National League 22 times and participated in the World Series the same number of times. Six attempts ended in triumph. The Dodgers’ last victory in the GBL Cup dates back to 1988, when the Los Angelesists confidently beat Oakland Athletics (4-1). The previous release of the Dodgers to the World Series came in 2009 under the leadership of one of the best mentors in the history of world baseball, Joe Torre. Prior to that, he had four times led the New York Yankees to victory in the GBL Cup. At the end of the 2008 season, Torre went to the Dodgers, and a year later brought his players to the National League final. But the road to the “World Series” they crossed the “Philadelphia Phillies” (1-4).

According to observers, the current “Dodgers” are far superior to their predecessors. Wards manager Dave Roberts played very confidently during the season and completed the regular draw with the best performance among all teams (104 wins and 58 defeats). They far surpassed the Cubs (92-70), whose chances in their internal confrontation were regarded very modestly. The series only confirmed the superiority of the Dodgers, who beat opponents without any particular strain. The intrigue was only in the fourth match in Chicago, which ended in victory for the Cubs – 3: 2.

Hope fans of “Cubs” did not last long. The fifth match finally dotted. In the last game in the rank of reigning champions GBL “Cubs” were hopelessly beaten – 1:11. In the match of the main team pitchers, Clayton Kershaw outplayed José Quintana and helped the team get into the final series. For the first time in many years, one of the strongest players of this line in baseball history, Kershaw, managed to achieve something – to win the National League championship and go out together for the HLB final. The starting pitcher “Dodgers” had a great match. But other Dodgers players in the attack acted decisively and constantly created problems for their opponents. The hero of the meeting was Enrique Hernandez, who made 3 home runs, and in the third inning after replacing Quintana with Hector Rondon, he knocked out the Grand Slam. The score was 7-0, after which it was unrealistic to think that the match could be saved. Observers noted that last season Cubs would not have been able to save the match after such a lag, not to mention the current team, which was in turmoil throughout the season.

Relationships within the team: Dodgers baseball players set fire to their team mate during the game

American baseball players have demonstrated their sense of mora. The players at the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball club decided to give a joke for their team-mate Scott van Slyk right during the game. The jokers hitched a box of matches to the baseball player’s shoes and quietly set it on fire. Thus, Van Slyke heard the smell of burning near, but did not even suspect that it was burning his shoes.